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Urban Grow Bag Frame  
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Grow Bags to use with The Grow Bag Frame

We recommend that 25 litre grow bags be used with The Grow Bag Frame but larger grow bags can equally be used - please take care when lifting the larger grow bags using the frame.  This list below gives you an idea of the range of grow bags available for use and is not intended to be comprehensive or to endorse any of the products listed below.  

We would also like to mention our own Reusable Grow Bag in which you can use your own mix of composts - for more details see our Other Products page.

J Arthur Bowers Grow Bag
New Horizon Grow Bag
Miracle-Gro Grow Bag
Vital Earth Kayak Grow Bag
Field Composts Grow Bag
Levingtons Organic Veg Planter
Levington Tomorite Giant Planter
Westland Growbag
Westland Organic Instant Planter
Westland Organic Tomato Planter
Humax Growbags
Clover Growing Bag
Clover Tomato & Salad Crop Bag
Jamie Oliver range of Grow Bags
B&Q Grow Bags
Homebase Grow Bags
Morrisons Grow Bags
Sainsbury Grow Bags
Tesco Grow Bags
Asda Grow Bags

The Grow Bag Frame
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