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Urban Grow Bag Frame  

The Grow Bag Frame Montageanleitung


View a short film showing how easy it is to put a Grow Bag Frame together.

Nehmen Sie alle Teile aus der Verpackung und überprüfen sie auf Vollständigkeit:
2 Seitenteile 2 Querstreben 3 Rankschnüre Bitte reklamieren Sie fehlende Elemente sofort.
  Assembly Stage 1 Grow bag flat on the ground. Drawing 1
Assembly Stage 2 Turn the growbag onto its edge and pat down from the top making sure that the soil is well broken up. Drawing 2   Assembly Stage 3 Cut a small slit in the top two corners of the growbag. Drawing 3
Assembly Stage 4 Now cut three or four planting holes along the upper edge of the growbag. Drawing 4.   Assembly Stage 5 Thread the cross bar though the growbag and at each planting hole, thread the cross bar through one of the loops on a plastic strap. Drawing 5.
Assembly Stage 6 After you have threaded the lower bar all the way through to the other end of the grow bag. Place a side frame at the end of the growbag and click the lower cross bar to the end frame. Repeat this action for the other side. Drawing 6   Assembly Stage 7

Using the upper cross bar pass it through the loops at the other end of the straps. Drawing 7.

Assembly Stage 8

Fix the upper cross bar onto the side frames.
If necessary, gently tap the clip fixings with a wooden mallet to fix in place. Drawing 8.

  Assembly Stage 9 Your Grow Bag Frame is now ready to be plant up. To move the planted frame, grip the side frames near the top and lift gently. Do not attempt to lift the planted frame using the cross bars. If you need taller supports for your plants, simply tie canes to the top and bottom cross bars as required. Drawing 9.

When using the Grow Frame with our Reusable Grow Bag

Unfold the Reusable Grow Bag and place on the ground with
the three rectangular planting holes facing upwards. Fill the Reusable Grow Bag with up to 25-35 Litres of compost using
the planting holes.
  When it is full to your requirements, simply follow the diagrams above from 5 - 9.
Your Reusable Grow Bag and Frame are now ready for use.
  To store away your Grow Bag Frame and Reusable Grow Bag, simply take the frame apart. Empty the reusable grow bag
and rinse with water and place somewhere to dry. When dry,
fold away and store with The Grow Bag Frame.


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